CNPT 2013 Sections

Plamen Panayotov

Dr. PLAMEN PANAYOTOV will have a keynote address as part of the plenary session, and will lead a workshop in the conference activities, both under the title: "
From Trauma to Solution: Following the Client’s Way"

About Dr. Panayotov's Plenary Presentation:

We all go through traumatic experiences at one time or another. And we all deal with trauma in one’s unique way. Having in mind the client’s own life circumstances, personal resources, abilities, and limitations, it is usually best to discover her own strategies of coming to a better future, and support her bring them to reality. What do therapists/counselors and clients actually do? Who is to do what? Some answers to these questions will be proposed to the audience. Focusing on the process of therapeutic conversations, rather than on their content, we can help clients not only find useful solutions to their actual difficulties, but also prepare them for dealing effectively with future problems.

About Dr. Panayotov's Workshop:

Simple new (and not so new) conversational techniques, aimed at overcoming trauma in the client’s own way, will be presented to the participants. How did they come into being? What are their explicit and implicit meanings and messages? How do they work in practice? The answers to these, and all other questions raised by the moment, will be discussed. Continuing the Solution-Focused tradition, finding out the clients’ unique ways of dealing with trauma is based on some of Insoo Kim Berg’s basic guidelines:

Don’t do for clients what they can do for themselves;

The more you do something, the better you become in doing it; and

The most important ingredient of self-discipline is not to impose your own agenda on the client.

This workshop will be centered on some concrete novel steps of applying these principles into practice.  Participants will be encouraged not only to apply the presented new tools in their practice, but also look for any new tools their clients come up with.

About Dr. Panayotov

Plamen Panayotov is a psychiatrist, working as Chief Physician at the Day Clinic of Rousse Mental Health Centre, Bulgaria. He is Chairman of the Board of Solutions Brief Therapy and Counseling Centre Rousse, a non-governmental non-for-profit organization, running a number of social services for people with mental problems and trauma survivors – protected home, day center, social rehabilitation and integration center, and social firm. He teaches Solution-Focused Brief Therapy as post-graduate program for helping professionals at Angel Kanchev Rousse University, and Simple Therapy in private courses. As a student of Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg, he is a fan of doing more with less. Lately, however, he tries to go Zen - doing everything with nothing.