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Adriana Baban

Adriana Baban, PhD, Univ. Prof. is Head of Psychology Department at Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj, where she also leads a doctoral program. Univ. Prof. Baban has an extensive research and counseling expertise in trauma aspects. Mrs. Baban was a UNICEF consultant and trainer in Albania regarding domestic violence, prevention of child abuse and counseling of the victims. Mrs. Baban lead several research grants for prestigious organizations, such as: Open Society Foundation, NATO, State University New York, University College London, UK; University of Los Angeles, CA, USA; University of York, Toronto, Canada; University of Tilburg, Holland.

Univ. Prof. Adriana Baban is member of the executive council of European Health Psychology Society, national delegate at International Association of Behavioral Medicine, president of the Romanian Health Psychology Association, member in the Global Mental Health Association, and she also has affiliations with the Romanian CBT and Hypnosis Association, or the Interdisciplinary Group of Study: Gender, Culture, and Society.

Univ. Prof. Baban published 6 volumes, a manual, 9 book chapters, 6 of which were published in USA, UK and Holland; 2 monographs, several articles and book reviews in Romania and abroad.

Recently, Mrs. Baban lead an ample research project conducted by WHO (World Health Organization), the source of all the information presented in the lecture “THE CONSEQUENCES OF CHILDHOOD TRAUMATIC EVENTS ON MENTAL HEALTH: the results of an illustrative national study”.