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Vivian Broughton

Vivian is a gestalt psychotherapist and constellations therapist. She has been in practice since 1989 and has worked with trauma as a central issue and the methodology of constellations for many years.

She is the author of three books on the topics of working with constellations and Ruppert's theories of Multi-Generational Psychotraumatology and she has edited 3 of Ruppert's books that have been translated into English. She has also written several articles for professional journals.

She works in London and Bristol in the UK and in several other countries.


  • In the Presence of Many: Reflections on Constellations Emphasising the Individual Context (Green Balloon Publishing, 2010, UK)
  • The Heart of Things: Understanding Trauma – Working with Constellations (Green Balloon Publishing, UK)
  • Becoming your true self: a handbook for the journey from trauma to healthy autonomy(The Trauma Awareness Project, an imprint of Green Balloon Publishing, UK)