CNPT 2013 Sections

Catalin Nedelcea

Catalin Nedelcea, Phd, Univ. Prelector will speak in the Conference’s plenum about “TRAUMA AND ATTACHMENT IN A DEVELOPMENTAL PERSPECTIVE” and will facilitate the workshop “THE IMPACT OF PERSONAL TRAUMA IN COUPLE RELATIONSHIP” with Lect. PhD. Iulia Ciorbea.

Mr. Catalin Nedelcea has a PhD. in psychology and is a supervisor psychotherapist credited by the Romanian Psychologists’ College, with over 15 years of experience in individual and group psychotherapy. His integrative training has a firm humanistic experiential ground with Reichian analysis elements, NLP elements and a systemic transgenerational family perspective. Mr. Nedelcea is a university prelector, vice-dean at the Psychology and Educational Sciences Faculty at the Bucharest University, and a professor at the Psychotraumatology Master.