CNPT 2013 Sections

Luiza Albu

Clinical Psychologist in supervision, trained in CBT within the Hypnotherapy and CBT Association Univ. Prof. Dr. Irina Holdevici.

I have a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and Interventions (Spiru Haret Bucuresti University).

Before being a psychologist I am a teacher and a pediatric nurse. I follow the emotional road to recovery along my patients; I try to comfort the pain of the children I see in my practice so they can attend the medical investigations and procedures with less victimization feelings. I talk to my patients, I answer their questions and by doing so I manage to lower the helplessness or the dependence they are feeling, to increase their emotional management, the calm of the child’s parents and their capacity to understand and accept what is happening.

My experience comes as well from the volunteering projects I attend at: “Prof. Dr. Matei Bals” Foundation, The Jesuit’s Refugee Association in Romania; from the workshops and courses I attend and The Psychotraumatology Congress in October 2011.

I am with you in the hardest times of our lives to get better and to (re)discover a meaning for each and every one of us.