CNPT 2013 Sections

Bogdan Cezar Ion


Founder member of The Trauma Study and Treatment Institute, Bogdan Ion has a PhD in psychology, he is a Principal Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Lector at The Psychology and Educational Sciences Faculty, University of Bucharest, member, associate and trainer at the International Center for Clinical Excellence –ICCE, founder member and president of The Romanian Brief Therapies Association, founder member in The Romanian CBT Association, and in other renowned professional and scientific association.

In over 18 years Bogdan Ion has been a positive change and teaching accelerant with clients in his private practice, but also with students and professionals following his courses and training programs.

When choosing assistance models and methods Bogdan Ion uses his pragmatism, curiosity and open mind, as well as top research.

Bogdan Ion treats traumatized people in a positive, collaborative manner, with trust in their personal resources, in their own healing capacity, encouraging learning and posttraumatic growth. He is an active promoter of excellence in assisting clients and he encourages us to learn from the best in order to find new ways of getting above average results. He appreciates feedback and he’s always using his clients’/students’ contributions in his practice.

Bogdan Ion will speak in the Conference’s plenum about how “To measure outcomes... for better outcomes”.